Paul Morgan is best known for his children’s books: Little Piggies (co-authored with Sally Morgan [My Place]) and Cat Balloon, which has been dramatised for the puppet stage. Paul Morgan’s Crocodile Cake, was published by Fremantle Arts Press in 2009.  Alice & Co offer books, CDs, and a selection of Paul Morgan’s artworks.  

The work of Paul Morgan is whimsical, suffused with playfulness and pathos and yet, at the margins, the images are subtly disturbing.  Soft embraces and kisses that bond lovers, things of joy and things that lurk beyond - small creatures smiling in their sleep or waking with eyes wide-open, and a feeling of disquiet, of places unknown and unknowable where sweetness rules, like a babe in the woods.

Frog Jam, Paul Morgan

Lone Star, Paul Morgan