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Voyages Syntastiques, a comparative-narrative method for teaching French grammar to English-speakers, Christine Mathieu, hard cover, (2019) $50.00

A Day At A Time –in Rhyme, Jane Clifton, hard cover, (2019), $ 35.00

Engelboc, poems by Robert DiNapoli, hard cover, (2019) $28.00

Oradour-sur-Glane poems by Ray Liversidge, translated into French by Christine Mathieu (2019), 25.00

Migration –stories from Banyule, curated by Lella Carridi, auspiced by Multicultural Arts Victoria (2017) [soft cover, large format, A4] $25.00.

Oradour-sur-Glane, poetry and images by Ray Liversidge  (2017) [soft cover], $22.00.

Waiting for Angels, a new mythology, poetry by Petrea Savige, (2017)

[hard cover], $32.00.

The Glass Ball, by Maurice Carême, a classic of children’s literature by Belgium’s celebrated poet, translated from the French by Michael Wooff, (2016) $20.00 (this book is no longer in print, selling existing stock)

Electric Butterflies, poetry by Jennifer Heerey, (2015) [soft cover, larger B5 format], $24.00

Time being time, poetry, by Robert Lloyd (2015) [soft cover hand-bound] $22.00

Savoir-vivre in the 21st century, non-fiction, by Nadine de Rothschild, translated from the French by Christine Mathieu (2015)  [hardcover, 396 pages] $44.00

Under the Azure, poems of Francis Jammes, translated from the French by Janine Canan  (2015)  [hardcover, new revised edition] $27.00 READ 

Autant d’un cerisier - The Cherry Tree, illustrated poetry for children (bilingual book) by Camso (illustrations) Anne-Laure Gehan (story); [soft cover, large A4 format, hand-bound]  $24.00 

The Divining Tower,poetic cycle by Emily Humphries, (2014) [soft cover, hand-bound] $26.00

The Ghost to his Green, poems dedicated to Dylan Thomas, by Kenneth Trimble, (2014) Limited edition, sold out. [soft cover, hand-bound]

The Barking Mad Poems,poems by Kenneth Trimble, (2013)  [soft cover, hand-bound] $22.00.

When Anguish, an introduction to the work and life of Alda Merini, by Patrizia Burley (2013), bilingual limited edition – [soft cover] $24.00

No Suspicious Circumstances, portraits of poets (dead),  poetry by Ray Liversidge, and artwork by Kathryn Bowden (2012) [hard cover] $32.00. TO BE REISSUED.

Shores of American Memory, poems by Kenneth Trimble, (2011)  [soft cover, hand-bound] $22.00. READ

Clouds on Hanover Street, poems by Kenneth Trimble (2009) READ

[soft cover, hand-bound] $22.00

The Elephant of Eastbury, a poem by Andrew Gates and Artwork by Laura Mitchell (2011), [soft cover, larger format, hand-bound]. $26.00

Black Guitar, poetry, prose and songs, by Robert Lloyd (2010) $22.00

A Disastrous Honeymoon, the long awaited sequel to the Owl and the Pussycat; Illustrated Poem and Artist Book by Julia Wakefield  (2009) [small hard cover hand-bound] $24.00 


A Frog in the Billabong, non-fiction by Marie-Paule Leroux (2007), winner of Gourmet Magazine Special International Jury Award, Madrid 2008 [soft cover] $35.00