Laurence Arthur

Laurence Arthur is a Swiss journalist, long based in Lausanne, a land of vineyards and world class gourmet restaurants amidst breathtaking views of the Alps. Laurence Arthur worked as bureau chief at the Swiss daily: 24 Heures and political news reporter for Radio Nationale Suisse Romande. Laurence came to Australia three years ago, in search of adventure and new friendships. 

Laurence is now specialising in Australian political journalism and reports for several French language radio programs around the world. She is Australian foreign correspondent for Radio Canada, the Swiss national radio news, Europe 1, New Caledonian News, the Swiss press agency ATS, and contributes to SBS French radio as a political columnist.

Aside from politics, Laurence has a passion for food and wine. In Switzerland, she wrote regular restaurant reviews and columns on artisan foods. She has maintained this interest in Australia, and founded the foodie blog In 2013, Laurence Arthur approached Christine Mathieu with a proposition to translate and publish one of the many books written by Baroness Nadine de Rothschild on food and wine and the art of French living. Laurence Arthur, who had interviewed Nadine de Rothschild in Switzerland on several occasions, believed the author would find an enthusiastic readership in Australia. In May 2015, Littlefox press released the annotated translation of Nadine de Rothschild: Savoir-Vivre in the 21st century, a practical guide on the art of living in France, for the French and like the French.  The book covers the basics of an elegant wardrobe, French social etiquette, French traditions, marriage and love affairs, and food and wine. 

In addition to writing and broadcasting, Laurence tutors in French language and cultural topics on France and Switzerland. 

Laurence Arthur holds a Master’s degree in languages and political science, and a post-graduate diploma in journalism from the University of Geneva; she also has a Master's of English in Creative Writing from the University of Canberra.