Littlefox Press and the environment


Unfortunately, the production of paper makes the book publishing industry one of the great destroyers and polluters of the planet.  Furthermore, the production of large quantities of books that never sell and the inevitable pulping of unsold books adds considerably to the problem of waste disposal. Through print on demand, Littlefox is able to publish good quality perfect-bound books in soft or hardcover, whilst hopefully reducing the number of books that may eventually end up in the recycled waste basket.

When printing special editions in house, Littlefox Press produces books in an environmentally responsible manner.   Littlefox Press prints inside pages of all text-based books on 50 to 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper.   Cover stock is preferably non-coated and of recycled materials as well.  Inks and glue are non-toxic, and all ink cartridges are recyclable.  Art and image based books are likewise printed on non-coated, acid-free papers and wherever possible using 50 to 100 % recycled paper. 

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