Julia Wakefield

“As the English-born offspring of two Australian cartoonists, I have spent most of my life wondering a) where I belong and b) why everyone seems to take life so seriously.  About fifteen years ago, during a prolonged return visit to England, two rabbits hopped into my head and refused to move out.  They hitched a ride with me back to Australia in 2001 and have been playing havoc with my head ever since.  I have illustrated other people’s stories in the past, but the rabbits’ tale has no specific beginning and no fathomable ending.  All I can do is document its progress.” 

Julia Wakefield specialises in handmade prints.  She began her career as a children’s book illustrator, so she is used to seeing her work reproduced, but she felt the urge to write her own stories, which were not always meant for children.  She now produces etchings and relief prints in limited editions which illustrate the stories that reside only in her head.  ‘A Rodent Romance’ has no words, only a series of pictures which the viewer can interpret in any sequence.



Soirée,   Julia Wakefield